Why We’re Not Having a Garage Sale This Summer

As a kid, garage sales were fun. You’d make a small pile of things to sell – a cat stuffed animal, a journal you didn’t use, a handmade beaded necklace. You’d set your items out with the rest of the family’s stuff and feel like an adult doin’ business. Someone would buy the journal for $.50 and the stuffed animal for $.75. (No one took the handmade necklace). $.1.25 in cash? Sweet!

But now, as an adult? Not so sweet. Garage sales are a LOT of work. Here are some of the reasons we are not having a garage sale this summer – or probably ever again.

garage sale

1)    All the prep work. Setting up for a garage sale takes a ton of time. First you bring out the boxes of stuff from the corners of your place. With this comes reminiscing about every item. “Remember this thing?!” “Awww I used to love this.” “This thing is actually kind of cool…” Then you price the stuff, clean out the garage, borrow tables/random stools to put the items on, set the stuff out, make “garage sale à” signs and put them up nearby. It’s a long process.

2)    The bartering. “This Spiderman pillowcase is priced at $1.00. I’ll pay you $.25 for it.” The negotiating is insane at garage sales. It seems like a good percentage of people who go to garage sales don’t really want to pay for anything. Excuse me, I cleaned out my garage for this. Please pay the full $1.00 for the Spiderman pillowcase.

3)    A full weekend of work. Once you put all that prep work into a garage sale, you can’t have a three-hour sale and be done. It’s a full weekend event when you could be doing anything else—a BBQ, hike—anything.

4)    Not enough pay-off. A full weekend of work is worth it if you end up with a huge wad of cash in your pocket, but the $.50 here and $5.00 there just don’t pay off for the time and effort you put into it.

5)    So many leftovers. It’s Sunday night, and the garage sale is over. You don’t want to bring the stuff back inside to be shoved into boxes again, so you take it somewhere to be donated. After all that work, you end up donating a ton of it which you could have done to begin with.

Let Gone! do all the annoying stuff for you, including picking the items up, selling them, and sending you a check in the mail. Now go spend your weekend doing something (anything!) else.

Let us know your garage sale stories in the comments section below!


One thought on “Why We’re Not Having a Garage Sale This Summer

  1. Ugh – way too much work! The worst part for me is definitely the bartering…I don’t think I’m much of a negotiator!

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