5 Reasons Why the Holiday Season is the Best Time to Declutter Your Home

The holiday season is the perfect time to declutter and get organized. With gift-giving in full swing, it’s a good time to implement “out with the old and in with the new”. The Gone app is the perfect solution to get rid of the items you no longer use and decluttering can help keep your home tidy for the holiday get-togethers and keep some of the holiday-induced stress at bay. Here are a few other reasons why the holiday season is the best time to declutter your home and some tips on how to do so.

It’s the perfect time to organize your decorations

If you jazz up your home with holiday decorations every year, you can also use this opportunity to edit down your decorations before packing them away again for another year. Many people tend to let their decorations just pile up and never trim down the excess, which means more and more storage bins and space becomes necessary. So before you pack your decorations away for another year, check through and see what you actually used, and get rid of the decorations you won’t use again.

You can receive a tax deduction on donations

Decluttering before the end of the year can help you around tax time in April. It’s quite easy to receive a deduction on your taxes by donating items you no longer want. Organizations such as Goodwill will provide you with a receipt when you donate your items, and you can itemize your donations when tax time rolls around in a few months.

Try implementing the “one gift in, one gift out” rule

For every new gift you or your family receives this holiday season, try to implement the “one gift in, one old thing out” decluttering rule. Donate one item for every new item you receive and stay on top of the amount of physical items in your home to make future decluttering much easier.

It’s a good time to clean out your seasonal clothing

As the weather gets colder the winter sweaters, boots, and holiday dresses come out. The holiday season is a perfect time to go through your heavier seasonal clothing and donate or toss the items that are just taking up space.

You can better prepare for next year

“When you’re breaking down the holidays, that’s a good time to let go of stuff. Think about how you can clear things out to embrace the new year.” – Professional organizer Julie Bestry, president of Best Results Organizing

If you don’t have time to declutter before or during the holidays, throw a “decoration takedown” party and invite your family or friends to help you quickly pack up everything for next year. Get rid of the items you don’t want to use again next year by donating them or passing them on to friends and family.

As always, the Gone app is the easiest way to get rid of your clutter. Simply snap a photo of your unwanted items such as electronics and toys and we’ll tell you how much they’re worth. Schedule a friendly concierge pickup directly to your door, or with Gone Lite, we’ll send you all the necessary shipping materials. Spend less time decluttering and we’ll handle the selling and shipping of your unwanted stuff!

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