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User: Gabe McGuinness

Favorite items sold: Anything I can’t bring myself to throw away, but know I’ll never use again. We just moved from a small apartment into our first house, and by using Gone! to get rid of stuff we knew we wouldn’t need anymore we easily saved ourselves a full car’s worth of packing and unpacking!

How would you describe yourself? Ambitious, thrifty, motivated, crafty, geeky.

Why do you like Gone: It is the perfect solution for all those things that would otherwise sit in a closet, or the garage for years just taking up space. Anything that would not be worth the effort required to sell on Craigslist or Ebay, but has enough value that you don’t want to donate it.

What do you hope to sell next: My iPhone, but I’m waiting for the Gone! Android app to come out first–hurry up!. That and the mountain of boxes in our garage so we don’t have to unpack them.

Fun Facts: I’m a newlywed, recent first time home buyer; and we just adopted our second cat. Hobbies include photography, and remote-controlled drones.

Moving is ranked as one of the most stressful events a person can undergo, it’s right up there with changing jobs. When Gabe moved to his first house, he turned to Gone! to make the transition smoother, reducing the time and hassle involved in moving, and giving him one less thing to worry about by selling all his stuff for him. A savvy technologist, Gabe used the Gone app to make his move an easy swipe.

Gabe has everything going for him right now – he just got married and bought his first house in Austin, Texas. An ambitious and motivated Account Manager for Dell, he is constantly searching for the best tech-based solutions to eradicate his problems. With so many important things going on in his life, in preparation for his recent move he discovered the Gone! app to save time and stress less.

As Gabe started packing for his move, he was surprised by how many things he put in boxes but simply did not need anymore. His closets had been full of items he could not bring himself to throw away, but knew he’d never use again. Much to the appreciation of his spouse, Gabe’s thriftiness in posting the items on Gone! easily saved the newlyweds “a full car’s worth of packing and unpacking!”

As a self-described “geeky” tech enthusiast, Gabe enjoys staying up to date on the newest products – particularly those related to his hobbies: photography and remote-controlled drones. As his old products cycle out of use, such as his most recent iPhone, he now knows he can trust the Gone! app to find the best new home for his old products.

“It is the perfect solution for all those things that would otherwise sit in a closet, or the garage for years just taking up space,” says Gabe. Now that the move is complete, he looks forward to using Gone! once again to clear out the “mountain of boxes in [his] garage so [he doesn’t] have to unpack them!”


Capture About the Author: Gabe is an Account  Manager for Dell based in Austin, TX. Tweet  him at @gabemcg


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