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Christian D. Nelson

Favorite items sold: A Digital Camcorder, Gaming Systems (PS2 & GameCube) and Canon Lenses.


What I’m selling Next: Camera lenses, cameras, my iPhone and my computer.

Life is hard! At a time when I needed money, simplicity and affection, The Gone! App loved me, held me close and told me everything is going to be alright.


I’ve been using the Gone! app for a few months now, so I can genuinely say I love this thing. It’s my own “digital garage sale” right in my pocket.


For me, it’s easy looking around my place and thinking, “I should sell that!”


Making time to sell them is a different story.


The Gone! App’s simple platform made that transition easy and efficient.


The process was easy and straight-forward for the most part! Take a few pictures of the product, give it a name, answer a few questions, get a quote and Sold!


What’s even better, Gone! sent someone to come pick everything up, making my experience so much easier. I scheduled a time that was convenient for me, and the driver just showed up. Gone! received my products, and I received my money!


All of this happened from the warm, loving embrace of my living room couch.


There hasn’t been something this convenient sense the invention of the cell phone or video streaming.


The Gone! App made the selling experience really hassle free for me.


My only remaining problem is thinking of more stuff to sell on Gone.


Neighbors beware!



christian-d-nelsonAbout the Author: Christian D. Nelson is a digital filmmaker from Austin, TX who loves all things creative. With a deep love for Sci-Fi, good food and good jokes, Christian believes in the power of imagination and the different avenues of creativity it can shape. Tweet him at @cnelsonsays

Jenny at Gone

Jenny is Communications Director at Gone! follow her on twitter at @jennifertch

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