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Justin Mattle

Favorite item sold:  iPhone 4s

How would you describe yourself? Super easy-going, laid-back guy. I enjoy life and like to fill it with as many friends and adventures as possible.

Why do you like Gone? It’s super convenient – having someone pick up my item and take care of shipping is well worth it. I hate dealing with the logistics of shipping and haggling with potential buyers (who often are trying to scam you) – Gone! takes that out of the equation at a very reasonable price point. The type of service Gone! provides makes it more of a reality for someone like me to actually sell my items.

Whats the story behind one of the items you sold? Like many people, I upgrade my iPhone every 2-3 years. When the iPhone 6 came out it was time for me to trade in my old-buddy iPhone 4s, whom I affectionately named “Leonard” (and who had been a sturdy, faithful companion across many lands: Norway, the Balkans, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Brazil – to name a few). I originally looked at trading in Leonard when I picked up my new iPhone 6 but my service provider store offered to buy it at 1/3 of the price that they had it listed in a display case five feet away! My frugality overcame my laziness – I wasn’t going to sell it for that little and I knew it was worth more if I sold it on my own, so I declined and it took it home to sell myself.  But Leonard ended up sitting on my dresser corner, unused, for about 3 weeks (like one of those sad, unused toys in Toy Story)  – and every day I’d see Leonard and tell myself, “I’ll put you up for sale on Ebay TOMORROW. I swear! I just gotta watch this TV show first.” But of course I never got around to selling it.

Then one day, shortly after 3 weeks, I saw an ad on Facebook for Gone and thought, “This is exactly what I need to sell Leonard. I’ll give it a whirl and see what they offer.”  So in about 5 minutes I installed the app, took a few pictures (with my new iPhone), and submitted Leonard.  I think it was that same night that they responded with an offer that was way better than the service store offer. From my own research I knew roughly what was a good deal – and to have them come pick it up for me, it was easily worth it. My frugality and laziness were both satisfied and Leonard had a new home within a week.




unnamedAbout the Author:
 Wanderer, traveler, adventurer, software developer, reader of books, watcher of movies, and friend to all with a good heart. Tweet him at @CamperVanMattle

Jenny at Gone

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