Upgrade your electronics

Upgrade Your Electronics Without Breaking the Bank

It is no secret that we live in an era defined by technology.  Whether it is the latest app for your smartphone or latest software for your computer, you want it because it will make your life easier.  However, the problem with living in an era where technology advances so rapidly is that your devices may struggle to keep up with the latest trends, This may even apply to one-year-old models.  Now, you are probably thinking you don’t want to wait in line for the new iPhone, but why not?  The common sentiment is, “I’ll wait for the price to drop, and then I’ll buy one.”  

The great thing is now you don’t have to wait for the price to drop.  Sounds good, right?  All you need to do is trade in your old electrics and upgrade to the new version.  By using the Gone App, you can get rid of your old stuff and get the latest version for a fraction of the net price.  Here is one customer’s story of how he fell in love with using the Gone app when upgrading his Macbook:

“I wasn’t thinking of getting the new Macbook, since $1300 is a hefty amount to spend, and my year-old Macbook was doing fine. However, after using Gone, I saw that I could get 900 for the old one. So the new Macbook is only $400 to me with no effort from my side. I started applying the same thinking to pretty much everything I owned. It was less than $100 a pop to get the newest versions of everything, including my headphones and my Kindle.”         

With the number of apps on the major stores now exceeding 1.5 million, it’s now more important than ever to keep your devices upgraded. Don’t miss out, upgrade with Gone.

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