Upgrade Your Dad For Father’s Day

Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating our dads, but now his big day is upon us, once again. So, what do you get the guy who means so much to you and probably doesn’t ever expect anything in return? How about an upgrade? Be it his wardrobe or his toys, if your dad is like most others, he can use a little push in replacing some of these items.

What’s His “Thing”?

First, think of a useful item that you notice every time you see your dad. Something that is a part of his everyday makeup, but that he doesn’t change very often. Perhaps it’s a well-worn watch or maybe even that handy old flip phone that he refuses to part with because he says it’s smart enough to call the people who matter to him. Whatever it is, make sure it’s something that your dad uses; something that he believes to be practical and in good enough working order (even if it is a little worn).

If he doesn’t have a wearable item that you can identify for upgrading, move on to thinking about his activities. Does he golf? Jog? Love listening to jazz music? Think about what your dad enjoys spending his free time doing and think about items that would help enrich those activities for him. For example, he might enjoy a new personalized golf bag or maybe a wearable heart rate monitor for his workouts. He might even appreciate a subscription to a reliable streaming service where he can listen to all of his favorite tunes wherever he may be. The point is that the upgrade doesn’t have to just be about replacing an old item, but can also be about helping dad upgrade his lifestyle while still enjoying his favorite pastimes.

Short On Cash? There’s an App For That!

Who wants to hold back on spending when shopping for dad? No one does, but some will be tempted to do so this weekend when discovering that dad’s “upgrade” is a little off budget. Dad is worth it though, so consider selling a few items you no longer need on the Gone! app and use the cash received to replenish the funds spent on pop.

Don’t Forget to Ditch Dad’s Old Stuff

Always be responsible when upgrading. This means convincing dad to get rid of the items you’ve replaced. Might be a hard sell at first, but introduce him to the Gone! app so that he will know that his items won’t languish in a landfill somewhere and that he can even make extra money through the process.

What Sort of Upgrade Does Your Dad Need?

We want to hear from you. Have you been nagging your dad to splurge on a new item for himself? What kind of upgrade would you like to treat him to? Tune into the comments section to tell us all about it and let’s discuss how the Gone! app might be able to assist with your effort.

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