The Best Ways to Get Rid of Unwanted Stuff

Unless you’re a sworn minimalist, you’re one of millions who have acquired more stuff than you actually use on a regular basis. Some of your excess consists of perfectly good items that you once loved, but you’ve since replaced them with upgraded versions, have grown bored with these things or have simply moved on from your attachment to them. The problem now is sorting through it all and figuring out exactly where to get rid of what. Whether you’re downsizing, deciding to become a minimalist or just need to declutter your environment, the advice that follows can certainly help.

Undecided, Be Gone!

We’ve all done it. You have your mind set on lightening your load, so you create three piles. One for the stuff you want to keep, another for the stuff you intend to get rid of and a third pile for the things you’ll make a decision on later. Problem is that too many things from the third pile wind up back in the first pile and you end up not too far from where you started– laden with a bunch of stuff you still don’t need.

On the other hand, people who are really serious about decluttering have a ‘stay’ and a ‘go’ pile, period. Take a cue from them and nix the whole undecided thing. You know what you use, you know what you need and you know when it’s time to let go. Be firm with yourself and just do it already.

Beware: Face-to-Face Selling Can Be Dangerous to Your Health

I take no pleasure in saying this, but selling your items online or having a yard sale are not the safest ways to get rid of your junk. While most sales of this type do go off without a glitch, far too many end up with people being robbed, beaten or even murdered during the act of buying or selling something online. Chances are that you don’t even have to Google to verify that I am right about this, because you can recall a headline or two on your own about people who’ve met untimely deaths after meeting a buyer or a seller they met online.

It’s not just classified ad sites, either. Inviting strangers to your home to view items for sale has every bit the potential for similar crimes. Selling unwanted household items with the Gone! app is a far better and safer solution, since there’s no need to meet an anonymous stranger in order to complete a sales transaction.

Everything Old is New Again

If you’ve spent any time at all on Pinterest or ever watched a DIY television show, you’ve likely witnessed someone turning old shipping pallets into a cool new coffee table or you’ve seen old rubber tires turned into a funky ottoman. There are so many useful ways to repurpose your old household items, so spend some time figuring out how to do so.

Recycle Responsibly

We’ve talked about e-Waste and the environmental dangers associated with it. So, while you’re cleaning and decluttering, we want to remind you to recycle responsibly. The best way to do so is to photograph your item, upload a picture of it to the Gone! app and list it for sale there. If an item lacks market value, contact your local disposal company to learn how electronic waste should be properly disposed of.

Your Turn

How do you typically get rid of stuff that you no longer use? Have you tried the Gone! app or any of the other methods described here? Which method did we forget to include? The floor is officially yours and we can’t wait to read your thoughts below.

(Photo Credit: Flickr, Wicker Paradise)

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