The 5 Stages of Getting Rid of Stuff

We’ve all been there – we see all the stuff we don’t use anymore, step over them, shove them into closets or junk drawers so we can’t see them and feel the guilt that comes with knowing we’re just sitting on all that potential value.


Now that Gone! is close to launching in two lucky cities (you’ll have to stay tuned to hear which ones!), people will finally have an easier way to turn that stuff into actual money – or at the very least, make room for new stuff – but that’s not to say they won’t go through the same emotional stages of getting rid of that old stuff.


Here’s what we found those stages to be – is this how it feels when you get rid of something?


1)    “This damn drawer won’t open”

You’re trying to open that drawer, and it’s jammed. You can’t find a pair of shorts in your closet, and old sweaters and shoes (that you never wear) are in your way as you’re searching. You open your entry way closet, and the vacuum and tennis rackets fall on you. You can’t find anything! But there’s stuff everywhere! Enough is enough. You can’t deal with this anymore. You have to get rid of some of it.


2)    “But I might need this some day!”

But wait – what if your two other cell phones break and you need a back up? Wait, what if that bridesmaid dress comes into style some day? Wait, you might need two blenders at some point. You better hold onto those – just in case.


3)    “No! I’m doing this! I’m doing this.”

Let’s be real. You don’t need two blenders. That bridesmaid dress was never cute. Having all that stuff is driving you crazy. So you use Gone! to get rid of those unwanted items. You:

i.     Take a photo/photo and write a brief description

ii.     Gone gives you a price for your item, or the best option for donating/recycling

iii.     You item is picked up by the Money Makers from your front door

iv.     A check is sent to you

v.     Boom – that’s it.


4)    “Wow, that feels GOOD. Why did I hold on to that stuff for so long?”

Your cleared-out drawer smoothly opens and closes. You can actually find the clothes you want to wear. You feel lighter, freer, more organized, more grounded. You’re less stressed, and your home is less chaotic. And you have cash in your pocket to use on something that will do more than take up space in the corner of your life.


5)    “What else can I sell?”

You feel so liberated that you’ll wonder what else you can sell to de-clutter your life. What else are you not using that’s weighing you down?


Let us know if we missed a stage in the comments below!

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