Selling Furniture Online

4 Quick Tips for Selling Furniture Online

Furniture can accumulate, stick around for years in a home, and can be difficult to part with. However, when you are ready to downsize, move or just rearrange your home, selling off your unwanted furniture can be a challenge.

Here are a few helpful hints on quickly and effectively selling furniture online. 

Determining What You Have

Selling Furniture Online

First you will need to determine what type of furniture you have, starting with the style. Check your furniture to see if you can figure out who designed or manufactured the piece. If you think you have a valuable piece, most high-end furniture companies will mark their work, so you will be able to identify it.

Taking Pictures

Good photos in well-lit areas are key for selling furniture online. Make sure the pictures of your furniture show the true condition and color of the items. If there are rips or stains, be honest and show where they are. Multiple photos at different angles can also help buyers imagine the piece in their home.

Selling Furniture Online

Writing Descriptions

When selling furniture online, you want to describe your items, including any flaws, as precisely as possible. Providing exact measurements, or dimensions, will help buyers determine if your furniture will be a good fit in their homes. The more detailed you are with your item descriptions, the greater the chances are your furniture will find a home. 

Pricing Your Furniture

When it comes time to set prices, take into consideration the age and condition of your furniture. You don’t want to discourage buyers by setting your prices too high, so be realistic. Does it have flaws? Will it need renovations or repairs? Furniture constructed from quality materials, such as oak or mahogany woods, will fetch higher prices. Alternatively, pieces that may fall apart easily will be more difficult to sell.

Selling Furniture Online

Size also matters when selling furniture. Items that are too large can be a tough sell, so take this into account as well when pricing your over-sized items. Not only do large furniture pieces not fit into a wide range of spaces, but they are also difficult and costly to transport.

Consult a furniture pricing book online, or research similar items online to get an idea of how to price your items, as well as predict what you can expect to make. For antique furniture, check out or For more modern pieces, look up similar items on eBay, Etsy or Craigslist.

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