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5 Clever Ways to Sell Stuff Your Ex Gave You

Breakups are difficult enough without being surrounded by all the items your ex gifted you throughout the relationship. The toughest choice is deciding how to get rid of it all. Throwing it all out with the trash seems like a waste, and keeping it just spells trouble for the healing process. Here are five clever ways to get rid of that relationship baggage.

Sell in Bulk

You may have a mixture of old clothes, DVDs, jewelry, etc., which you’d like to unload in one place, at one time. Holding a garage sale and inviting your friends is a great way to do that. You may think a lot of the knick-knacks that you’ve accumulated don’t have value, but almost anyone will buy anything if the price is right. Your male friends may be very interested in that hockey jersey while your female friends might love those silver necklaces. As long as it isn’t monogrammed, you can probably find someone who wouldn’t mind taking it off your hands for a good price.

Sentimental Pieces

If this breakup was messy, you might feel like getting rid of that nice watch by tossing it at your ex the next time you run into them. Before you head down that route to crazy town and waste a good piece of jewelry, discover another cathartic way to get rid of that expensive gift. The website is called Ex-Boyfriend Jewelry, and like the name suggests, it only accepts jewelry from those who are getting through the breakup blues. Unlike the name suggests, all ex-jewelry is welcome, (e.g., ex-girlfriends, ex-boyfriends, ex-wives, ex-husbands, same sex-exes). To be eligible to post your jewelry for sale you need to share your breakup story. No story, no sale. This site is a great way to commiserate with others in similar situations while making some cash in the process.

Repurpose It

There are some items that you continue to love regardless of the fact that they once belonged to your ex. Instead of throwing them out, get creative by making them into something else. Take the fabric from those old sweaters and make them into scarves, or take that old movie poster and make it into a wallet. You can make these items your own again with a little imagination.

Make It Disappear

Organizing garage sales or getting lost in a creative project are ideas for the proactive griever. For those who’d prefer that all their ex’s stuff quickly disappear so they can press play on their Netflix queue, your local thrift shop can help. Thrift shops will purchase all your stuff cheap, allowing for a mass closet dump if necessary. The downside is that you won’t make much of a profit from your items. But if a fast method is what you’re looking for, a thrift shop will do the trick.

Make a Profit

Now, if you’d like to sell your ex’s stuff for a sizeable profit, then the Gone app is your best option. The app appeals to both the productive and lazy breakup types. The latest SMS feature allows you just to snap a photo of the items you want to sell and text it to the number (415) 980-4663. The app will find the best price for you and buy it from you on the spot. The app handles the rest, from the shipping and handling to the actual process of selling your things online. This option takes all the hassle out of the selling process while leaving you richer than when you started.

As you see, there’s no need to shroud yourself in your ex’s clothes while listening to bad breakup songs. Pick the most convenient way for you to get rid of their stuff and let the healing process begin.

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