10 Tips to Sell Your Stuff & Pay-Off Your Debt After College

debtEvery year, a new group of students exits college and enters the workforce, hoping that the piece of paper that they paid many other pieces of paper for will set them apart.  While it may get them a solid entry-level job at a Fortune 500 company, it also cost a fortune to attain. Every year the story is the same: I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything, but I’m broke!  One way students can recoup some of this money is to sell the stuff they still have from college that they no longer need, here are a few tips to get you started in that process:

1.) Take Inventory

If you don’t believe you have enough stuff to make it worth your time to sell.  Prove yourself wrong! We are sure you have more than you think you do. Go through your closet, storage, everything and figure out what you need for the real world and what should be left behind.

2.) Be Honest with Yourself

If you find yourself reminiscing about how much “fun” your DJ equipment has been, ask yourself when you had this “fun.”  If the answer is throwing “ragers” in your dorm room, it’s probably time to move on.

3.) Clip-Off

fan“Clip-on” fans and lights are perfect for college.  They are cheap and effective, but do you really believe they will go with that glass-top desk you just purchased?  Probably not, so why not get some money for them?

4.) Call it “Game Over”                                                        

There is no better way to pass the spare time in college than a game FIFA®.  However, college is over, and likely that spare time thing as well.  Get some money for it, you could use it!


5.) Sell the Laptop

Don’t test your luck!  It got you through four years without breaking, there is new technology that will better suit you in your career, and it still has value. Sell it now, before you change your mind!

6.) Leave the Paranoia Behind

We understand you were living with a random person whom you didn’t trust; you wanted to put a lock on everything, including your laptop. Now you will be living with friends or on your own, so sell the lock!

Mini Fridge7.) Let the Mini-Fridge Go

Everyone had a mini-fridge for college because it was a space-saver. However, now that you’re finished college, you’ll need to refrigerate non-alcoholic things also.  Your life no longer requires a mini-fridge, so sell it!

8.) Remember You Don’t Live in a Dorm Anymore

Let the “dorm accessories” go!  We mean bulletin boards, dry-erase boards, and plastic drawer units.  They will be of use one last time when you get money for selling them.

9.) Print-out

Sell the printer! You are done submitting papers for good! Your office will likely have a printing service for those few things you may physical copies of, so stop telling yourself it might come in handy and instead get cash for it today!


10.) Don’t Wait

If you are done with it, sell it! If you let items sit in your closet or a storage unit for ten years, they will continue to lose value, get the most for it today with Gone!

By following the above tips, you will be well on your way in transitioning to adult life.  You will be able to pay off some debt, no longer be broke, and will have less clutter too.  Now who wouldn’t want them?  Just say, “Going, Going, Gone.”


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