10 Tips to Scale Your On Demand Startup

It’s all you hear aspiring on-demand entrepreneurs talk about sometimes; becoming a household name. They recognize that to do this they have to expand their service to many cities around the United States and even internationally.  

The main problem is that many new on-demand startups fail to expand and scale their businesses properly. Here are a few tips for those companies considering expansion, but not sure how to go about it:  

  1. Prove your business model – Make sure you are dominating your first markets before you attempt to expand. Expansion is not a way out of a bad business model.  Once you’ve done this, you are ready to move to new locations.  
  2. Know yourself – Stick with what you know. Don’t waste time and effort attempting to create new services, scale your existing ones.
  3. Develop strategic partnerships – Partners can provide new services better and more efficiently for you, it’s a win-win. You gain new clients and don’t have to put in additional effort.
  4. Know your markets – You have a successful product, and that’s great.  However, you need to recognize it may not be for every market.  Know your product and where it will do well and where it won’t.  Entering the right markets is a crucial aspect of the scaling battle.
  5. Use your network – If you know people who are in the on-demand industry in a market you are trying to enter, ask them for advice. They will have a good feel for the logistical issues you are both subjected to.
  6. Focus on quality control – Pay attention to hires in new locations, repeat processes that have proven successful in delivering timely and quality service, and focus on consistency.  Standards are rising for service quality, making it crucial to success in new markets and scaling the company.
  7. Pay attention to management – Do not let your operations management slip.  Focus on proper operations always, or service quality will fall, and customers will become disappointed with your service.
  8. Be able to adapt – Sometimes a carbon-copy of your service will not work in a new market, but with just a few tweaks it would be fine.  Recognize this early and be willing to adapt to the market you are trying to enter.
  9. Qualify your processes – Determine which processes are going to be replicated throughout the business and which ones will be tailored by location. This will help you be prepared to be adaptable.
  10. Be quick – If adaptation is required because of changes in demand, you must be quick to implement the necessary changes or risk losing business to someone who can prove they are doing it better.


By following these tips, you and your on-demand venture will be well on your way to successfully expanding to many cities around the world. Follow the Gone blog, and our Facebook and Twitter for the latest in on-demand economy news and trends. We are also happy to discuss best practices and mentor anyone looking to scale their on demand startup. We’d love to hear from you! Email us:

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