Say No To Doubles — The Key to Combining Your Stuff

Between wedding season and moving season, a lot of couples are taking the leap and moving in together. It’s an exciting time — getting to come home to each other every day, making dinner together, decorating together. But there’s an inevitable part of moving in together — you now have double the amount of stuff.

Getting independence

Whether you’re getting new shiny gifts off your wedding registry or combining the household items you both already had, it’s important to do some serious prioritizing and selling. As tempting as it is to keep all the extras in storage (as back-ups just in case), why not sell the extras with Gone! and get some money in your pocket?

Say no to doubles and yes to more space in your future together. Below are some things that you really (no, really) don’t need doubles of:

  • Dishes – It’s hard to get rid of a whole set of something that has nothing wrong with it, but when has anyone ever wished they had 50 plates? If you have a party that big some day, you’ll use paper anyway. Pick the favorite set, sell the other.
  • Shelves – His shelves are white and plastic, hers are brown wood. Keep the wood, sell the plastic.
  • Blender – Which one makes better smoothies? Keep that one.
  • Iron/Steamer – She has a small pink steamer, he has the industrial-size standing steamer. Keep the bigger, more practical one. You’ll use it every day.
  • Vacuum – Which one is better quality and will last longer? A good quality vacuum isn’t cheap, so keep the higher-quality one, and sell the other.
  • Bed — This is a tricky one. If you’re planning on moving into a home or two-bedroom soon, consider holding onto both. However, if you’re living in a one-bedroom apartment, and will be for a while, there’s no need to pay a monthly storage bill to keep an extra bed in it. So battle it out over which mattress is more comfortable, and sell the other. You’ll get money for it instead of paying to have it sit in storage.

What other items have you battled it out over when moving in with someone? Let us know in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Say No To Doubles — The Key to Combining Your Stuff

  1. So true! One area where the “battle” was a little more intense was furniture…we had very different tastes. What do you think – choosing one set over the other, or selling with Gone! and starting fresh?

    1. That’s a tough one! First, I would see if there’s any way to combine the furniture styles or use some pieces in another room. Can you put his comfy chair in an office or “man room?” Is there anywhere else in the house that could use some furniture? In terms of the main family room, you really want to have something you both love. I think the best route would be to sell the furniture with Gone! and start fresh with a style that you are both happy with. After all, you spend a lot of time in that room and want it to feel like home for both of you.

      Good luck!

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