Say hello to Gone! And say goodbye to the hassles of selling your stuff

It’s finally here! We’re thrilled to officially launch the Gone! app, the fastest and easiest way to get the most value for anything and everything you no longer use.

Welcome to our blog – this is where you’ll find updates on the app, availability, our company and helpful tips about getting the most money for your stuff.

About Gone!

Imagine: getting your old phone, tablet, coffee maker, bike, whatever, sold for the best price without the none of the hassles that come with selling.

We all have stuff lying around the house that we haven’t used in a long time. In fact, USA Today reported that seven out of 10 people own a gadget that they haven’t touched in at least two years – that’s good money just collecting dust!

So why do we let this happen? It’s simple: we don’t want to just give up the value of the item, but we don’t have the time or patience to find the best way to get the most value.

Could it sell? Where’s the best place to sell it? What should I price it at? What goes into creating a listing for it? I don’t want to meet a stranger, so how am I going to find the time to package and ship it?

Finally, these hassles are no longer your concern – they’re ours. But that’s OK, our experts live to do this kind of stuff!

Now, you simply take a couple photos with a quick description of the product and condition, or just take a quick video, upload it to Gone! and that’s it.

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And, even if your item doesn’t sell, we don’t leave you hanging. We’ll help arrange for a donation (which still gets you a tax credit – cha ching!) or for recycling (gotta stay green).

To see how it works, check out our video here.

It’s available on iOS in Austin and San Francisco for now, but will be available in new cities and on Android very soon, so be sure to download the waiting list apps in Google Play to be the first to get the app when it’s available to you.

So, why Austin and San Francisco?

As a graduate of TechStars Austin, we really consider it home. And, both Austin and San Francisco are very tech-savvy cities, which means a lot of folks likely have drawers full of old phones, tablets and other electronics that they are ready to sell.

What’s next?

We’re starting off in Austin and San Francisco, then…well, that’s up to you! You can bring Gone! to your city faster by downloading the waiting list apps now and registering your account, and by tweeting the hashtag #BringGonetoYourCitywill help us decide which city to launch in next.

Connect with us!

We’d love to stay connected with our users, so be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. In addition to helping bring Gone! to your city, we love to hear feedback from our customers about how the app has helped you, or if you have any recommendations for improving the app – let us hear it!


-The Gone! Team

Jenny at Gone

Jenny is Communications Director at Gone! follow her on twitter at @jennifertch

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