Real User Stories: My iPhone was Gone!

Favorite item sold: iPhone 5

How would you describe yourself? Silicon Valley Entrepreneur/Lecturer

Why do you like Gone? Gone makes it really easy to sell items that are left around my house. I am amazed at how I’ve always been able to schedule a pick up for the next day.

What’s the story behind one of the items you sold? I had originally sold my iPhone 5 to a buyer in my building, but he pulled out of the deal at the last minute. No problem. I hopped on Gone and sold it quickly.

About Kesav:

“My governing principles: Improve human welfare. Live adventurously. Work smarter, remain open-minded, and seek constant improvement.

I’m pursuing a course of work that involves operations, business development, and in-house legal work. My focus is on venture-backed start-ups in San Francisco or the Bay Area. I want to make a difference through education, e-commerce, or select consumer technologies.

Pursuing life with an adventure-seeking style has blessed me with opportunities. Over the years, I’ve held a variety of roles. I’m often brought into organizations as a “utility player” – someone who is given problems to solve, where information is incomplete or unavailable. I enjoy tackling these challenges.

Ultimately, my jobs involve improving efficiency and productivity. Even when I was a M & A and PE & VC attorney, I wanted to help companies effectively utilize their resources.

After studying global justice at Duke University and international relations at Dublin City University, I spent a year as a social entrepreneurship consultant for NGOs around the world.

My passion for start-ups originated in 2006. That year, while living in Dubai, I started my own company: L.L.C. The company has had successes and failures. I use the entity to test out new ideas and make small investments.

Even when my career led me to work for more established companies, I found ways to engage with the start-up world. The energy and passion that is encapsulated in a start-up environment is contagious and hard to let go.

I’m jumping back into the start-up world. San Francisco, here I am.

I like helping people with these hidden gems: e-mail productivity, speed-reading, how to use virtual assistants, and traveling the world.” Kesav-Mohan


Jenny at Gone

Jenny is Communications Director at Gone! follow her on twitter at @jennifertch

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