Packing Hacks

10 Packing Hacks for Moving Like a Pro

Moving can be a daunting, overwhelming task. Every piece of your life is picked up and shuffled together into a cluttered truck to be somehow reassembled and organized at the other end. Thankfully, there are ways you can prepare and get organized before the moving van arrives. Here are ten of the best packing hacks you can use to move like a pro.

Hack #1: Color Code Your Boxes with Tape

Packing Hacks

Writing out “kitchen” or “living room” on every single box can be time-consuming. Ditch the black marker and color-code your boxes with colored packing tape instead. To save even more time, save the color-coding process until the end and tape the boxes in batches using your designated color for each room.

Hack #2: Pack an Entire Closet at Once

Packing Hacks

Here’s a simple trick to pack an entire closet all at once. Instead of taking all of your clothes off their hangers, folding them, and placing them in boxes or suitcases, gather the clothing on the hangars with garbage bags and neatly carry them away.

Hack #3: Rent Moving Boxes

Packing Hacks

Looking for an alternative to cardboard boxes that will just end up in the trash? Recently, dozens of eco-friendly companies have popped up that allow you to rent reusable plastic moving containers with pickup and delivery of the moving containers included. If you’re in California, check out ZippGo or EarthFriendlyMoving. For all other major cities, check out BungoBox or Brute Box.

Hack #4: Pack Your Plates with Styrofoam

Packing Hacks

Does anyone really have stacks of newspapers lying around anymore? You probably don’t, so you will need to get creative when packing your dishes. One trick to keep your plates safe is to stack them between styrofoam.

Hack #5: Plastic Wrap Your Drawers
Packing Hacks

Forget emptying out every dresser or desk drawer. Plastic wrap around the furniture piece can be used to keep drawers shut, and items inside secured in transportation. Plastic wrap your silverware tray to make organizing utensils less of a nightmare as well.

Hack #6: Create DIY Box Handles

Packing Hacks

Make heavier boxes easier to lift by cutting triangle shapes into the sides of boxes for handles. After taping your boxes shut, use a razor blade or utility knife to cut a horizontal slit on each side of the box, then cut perpendicular slits until you’ve created a triangle shape and carry your heavy boxes away.

Hack #7: Double Up on Fitted Sheets

Packing Hacks

Using old fitted sheets is a great way to protect your mattresses during a move. Put one fitted sheet on your mattress as your normally would, and then place another one the bottom (the other side) for complete coverage from dirt and debris.

Hack #8: Tape Your Mirrors & Glass Frames

Packing Hacks

Creating a large X across your mirrors and glass frames with masking tape will help absorb shock during all the shuffling around. Should a mirror or glass frame break, the masking tape will also keep most of the glass in the frame.

Hack #9: Snap a Picture of Your Cords

Packing Hacks

Before you disconnect your television, stereo system and other complex electronics, take a picture of the cords so you’ll remember exactly how everything should be connected. This will make hooking everything back up in your new place a much easier process.

Hack #10: Sell What You Don’t Use

Packing Hacks


Okay, shameless plug. But while you are sorting through everything you own, consider which household items you no longer use or need and let Gone do the selling, recycling, or donating for you. Making an effort to slim down your possessions will not only make the moving process easier, but will also give you a fresh, decluttered start in your new home. You can have Gone sell your items for you via the iOS app or text a photo of the items you’d like to get rid of to 415-980-4663. (Include this only if the blog post is going up after the SMS announcement*)  

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