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10 Old Electronics to Sell that You Thought Were Worthless

We collect more and more electronics each year. There is always something bigger, better, and faster that replaces that now “old” technology. Think about it. How many chargers do you have? Do you even have all of the phones that go with the chargers? Probably not, but you are in luck because someone’s trash (electronics in this case) is another person’s treasure.

Think about all of the old electronic lying around your house. What may seem like a worthless VHS player because everyone has Rokus and Apple TV now is actually worth a nice little chunk of change. Here are 10 “old” electronics that you probably have sitting around in a junk drawer that you can sell online.

1. Calculators

TI-84 Calculator


Flash back to middle/high school when you had to buy that ridiculously expensive TI-89 graphic calculator. You might have even forgotten that you had it. These used calculators can go for $60 to $90, depending on the condition. If you happen to stumble upon older calculators in your parents’ basement, don’t overlook this opportunity either. Calculators from the 1970s can go from $20 to $30 or even more depending on the rarity and condition.



2. Video Games, Consoles, and Controllers

Nintendo 64When is the last time you picked up the Nintendo 64 or Atari? It has probably been sitting on a shelf for the last 10 years collecting dust. You might not have the time or the interest in playing these old games, but someone else does. All of your video games, consoles, and controllers can rake in some serious cash. Ataris, Nintendos, and Segas can bring in anywhere from $30 to $80 and upwards, depending on the condition of the console. Controllers and games range from $10 to $20.



3. Portable Cassette Players


Portable CD players quickly put Sony Walkmans out of style. But now one of these cassette players can be sold for anywhere between $10 and $25. If you are lucky enough to have one from the 1970s, it can be worth anywhere from $500 to $1,20o.





4. Digital Photo Frames

Digital Photo Frame


Before phones could take decent pictures, we had the digital camera. What was the problem with these? You either had to choose from a million pictures to get printed, or show the photos on the tiny screen of the camera. Solution? Digital photo frames. With our big-screened phones attached to the hip, you might think these digital photo frames are now worthless. Fortunately, if you want to sell yours, you can make anywhere from $25 to $50.




5. Boombox



We are not talking about the Bluetooth kind. Think back to the 80s and 90s movies, where the cool kids walked around with boomboxes on their shoulders. Those are what we are talking about, and while you might think they are pretty worthless, you can get $30 to $50 for one depending on the age and condition.


6. Printers



Everyone has old printers sitting around the house. You might have gotten it for free for buying a computer, or bought one to use during college, only to find out you have a certain amount of free prints a month. Sell it. You can make $30 to $60, and if you have extra ink cartridges (unopened) throw those in there and make almost as much as the printer is worth.


7. Portable CD Player

Portable CD Player



With the popularity of MP3 players, portable CD players fell by the wayside. Carrying around a portable CD player is probably not your go to if you want some music while you are out and about, so sell it. They range in price from about $15 to $20.



8. Cameras and Film





Most people use their phones to take pictures these days, but there is still a niche market that loves film, especially Polaroid film. Cameras range anywhere from $30 to $90. Packs of film go from $30 to $90 as well (depending on the size of the pack).






9. Giga Pets, Nano Pets, Tamagotchis




Those little plastic pets on a screen that you carry in your pocket may not replace the real thing, but when your mom did not want hair on the couches, and your brother was deathly allergic to cats, it did the trick. Believe it or not, Giga Pets, Nano Pets, and Tamagotchis are all valuable. You can sell your electronic pet and cash out $50 to $100. Don’t worry, you will not be as sad as if you were really going to sell your pet.




10. Universal Remotes

Universal Remote



Everyone has these sitting around. Before you could download an app on your phone to sync all your home electronic devices, you had either six remotes or a universal one. They were a pain to set up, but once it was up and running, it was pure bliss until you misplaced it in the couch cushions. To save you from that painful memory, you can sell the universal remote for about $20 to $80 depending on its bells and whistles.



With all the extra cash you making selling your electronics, you might not feel so bad about indulging in that new phone or maybe even the new Apple watch. So take a look in the attic, junk drawer, and your parent’s hoarding room, because we’re guessing you’ll find stuff to sell.

If you need any ideas on where to sell all your stuff, check out Gone and visit itunes to download the app.

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