6 Things To Keep In Mind When Selling Your Phone

Our time is valuable. We have come to expect all of our questions to get answered with an instant tap of a screen or click of a mouse, and we get annoyed when our devices slow us down. With newer and faster technology constantly being released, there’s a good chance you have an old cell phone or two stashed away in a drawer and maybe a computer you never use anymore in your basement. They still hold value, but the longer they sit there wasting your space, the more that value depreciates. So here are a few quick pointers on how to get rid of them fast at maximum profit…

When you post your items, look to highlight the following factors:

  1. Age and Model – These are the two aspects potential buyers will look at first. Apple and Samsung products are typically valued most due to their durability and quality. The graph below gives you a good rough estimate of how much your phone is worth compared to its original value over time, if kept in good condition. Most phone contracts last one or two years, and while many people think their phones are worthless after that, the parts still make it worth selling.


    Source: priceonomics.com/phones

  2. Damages and Repairs – Even though making note of some wear and tear may detract from your resale value, it’s better to be up front and honest about it in order to maintain a good long-term relationship with potential buyers. If any parts have been repaired, you can point those out as benefits.
  3. Protective Case Usage – Buyers want to know if the seller of the product they’re purchasing took good care of it. Any opportunities to emphasize this – such as use of a protective case – will put the potential buyer more at ease about spending money on a used product.
  4. Accessories – Chances are you probably have a few complementary items that go along with the product you’re trying to sell, such as chargers and cases. 
  5. Extended Warranties – If you have a warranty on your device that hasn’t run out yet, be sure to make note of it. This can make a huge difference to people worried about the phone or laptop breaking soon after they buy it.
  6. Unlocked Phones – If your phone has been unlocked, this widens your market of potential buyers as they will be able to use it with any carrier. However, you should only make note of this if you’re sure about it.


Source: flickr.com

Now you know how to get maximum value out of your old unneeded devices, so don’t waste anymore time. Trade the clutter in for cash and use it on something of real value to you.

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