It’s all about Discovering and Delivering

Whenever a new product is launched into the market, it is preceded by a whole lot of work and investigation, not only concerning the product itself (how it works, how it is built, how it is managed), but also how and why it can be used to make users’ lives easier.  There are two key elements for a product to be successful and really mean something to its users: Delivery and Discovery.

Starting with “Why?” helps.  Focusing on why are we building this, for whom, and how are we working to fulfil that need.  To navigate and activate those questions: starting with a simple Impact Mapping and/or SWOT analysis helps.

We discovered that people bought online because it was as easy as one click, but lacked a simple solution for selling. There was a need for easy de-cluttering that was not being met.  So, after discovering it was a need that we could satisfy, and after creating and getting it work, we delivered the Gone! app to the world.  These two elements are inseparable and are constantly redefining one another to better the product, and thus offering a better service to our users.  That is why our work never stops, and that is why Gone! will never stop renewing itself and getting simpler and more eager to help.

In our discovery processes, we discovered:

  1. The core features the users like the most about our product.
  2. Taking a look at both the hard data and unstructured customer interactions, showed different patterns affecting price acceptance across different categories.
  3. We had some issues regarding the optimal workflow for pickup scheduling, so we decided to go with a more extended workflow (rather than a short one), in order to allow for a better explanation on how pickups work

In turn, this allowed us to deliver a newer and better product:

  1. We were able to provide better prices for our users, by giving a better explanation of which categories are a good fit for the service, and which ones are able to get a better pricing.  We also offer a much more transparent explanation of how pricing is calculated.
  2. We allowed weekend pickups and started a more refined scheduling with shorter pickup time windows.
  3. We focused on: immediate pricing/offers, immediate pickups, and an on-demand experience for selling in general.

Inside the Gone! app offices, we are very aware of this procedure, and we play close attention to how we manage this work.  We have two teams: each is focused in understanding what is better for both the product and the users, and that makes us a unique blend of discoverers and deliverers, prepared to offer the best in every field.  Right now, one group works on the current version of the app, while the other one develops Gone! 2.0, based on everything we’ve learned so far.

The balance of discovery and delivery is what has made us successful as a product, as a service, and as a team.  It helps to keep us focused and in the lookout for ways to improve the Gone! experience.  We think it’s fundamental and a perfect way to keep us up to date, and in closer contact with user feedback and impact in the way Gone! affects peoples’ lives directly.

Jenny at Gone

Jenny is Communications Director at Gone! follow her on twitter at @jennifertch

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