Gone! Wins at Global Innovator: Mobile

Last week we flew to New York City for the Global Innovator: Mobile event, which brought together a group of innovative start-ups to discuss the biggest tech trends on the market and compete for the most votes.

The voting panel had some of the most active VCs in the NYC venture community, such as Danny Schultz (Managing Director, Gotham Ventures), Jalak Jobanputra (Managing Partner, FuturePerfect Venture Capital), Hadley Harris (General Partner, Eniac Ventures) and Nic Poulos (Principal, Bowery Capital).

We loved the high level of excitement for Gone!. People were intrigued by how the solution works on the backend (What happens inside? What do we do with all the stuff?) and also excited about the fact that the user doesn’t need to care about, or be involved in, what happens at the operational level.

After we presented our pitches, the panel was asked, “Which company would you like to have equity in?” Gone! received the most votes, so we won! The other three contestants were awesome companies: Transit, YouAppi, and Nutrino.

Also, the vote for a NYC launch in the near future was unanimous. In a city with limited and expensive space, little time for errands, and where convenience is a key decision driver, our solution seemed to hit the target. Almost everyone there couldn’t wait to tell us what they would sell with Gone!. We definitely will have NYC near the top of the list of cities to launch Gone! in (keep checking our site for updates), but let us know in the comments section below which city YOU think Gone! should come to next.

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