Gone! Goes National: Sell your items from anywhere in the U.S.

Our big day is finally here! Today, Gone! goes national with the introduction of Gone! Lite, enabling anyone in the U.S. to sell items through a newly announced shipping service partnership with UPS. We’re also excited to announce two major app upgrades made possible with integration from Slice and a partnership with Amazon.com.

 Available on iOS, and coming soon to Android, the Gone! app makes selling as easy as snapping a photo and answering a few quick questions – or even simpler by using our new discovery function to list items for sale. In order to provide more accurate and informative selling tips, users will have the option of pairing their email account with Slice, which monitors purchase history through email receipts and keeps tabs on the changing market value of recently purchased items.

After the product details are submitted, our experts will send an offer for the item in a matter of minutes. If the seller agrees, Gone! will find a new home for the product and then credit the user’s account in the amount agreed upon, cash out the credit by sending the user a check within 3-4 business days, or facilitate the redeeming sales credit in the form of Amazon.com Gift Cards. Through Gone! Lite, boxes and pre-paid shipping labels are delivered directly to the seller to eliminate the pain of packaging and shipping.

In addition to partnerships with Amazon and Slice, we have also been fortunate to receive expertise and resources for rapid growth from Commerce.Innovated, an accelerator jointly run by MasterCard and Silicon Valley Bank.

“I’m extremely proud of what our team has accomplished since we first launched in Austin and San Francisco just six months ago,” Gone! CEO and co-founder Nicolas Bayerque said this morning. “We’ve received a tremendous amount of valuable feedback from our Beta users and the Gone! team has been working tirelessly to carry the positive momentum forward in creating a product we believe can, and will, revolutionize the reselling industry.”

With the average U.S. household having over 50 unused items worth more than $4,000 in trade-in value, Gone makes it possible to make money without the hassle involved in today’s reselling industry. How much can you make back through Gone!?

You can find out in less time than it took to read this blog post. So give it a try and let us know what you think. We’d greatly appreciate your reviews and tweets (@thegoneapp).


Jenny at Gone

Jenny is Communications Director at Gone! follow her on twitter at @jennifertch

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  1. So what countries does this system support? Please respond to email. I can download it from Lithuania, and I can launch it. We do have central UPS nearby, so would it work?

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