Gone Wants to Give You Cash For Your Halloween Costume!

Halloween is a holiday to be a kid again by gorging on candy, playing dress up, and spooking your friends. One of the biggest benefits of this holiday is that you avoid a lot of the muss and fuss that comes with other holidays, i.e. cooking big meals or extensive gift shopping. All the work that leads up to Halloween lies mainly in the creation of your costume.

halloween costume

Many hesitate on the idea of going all out on their costume for fear of spending too much on a look that will be good for all of one night. You buy all the bits & bobbles, just to throw it in the trash the next day. But Halloween doesn’t have to end in such a wasteful way. For the second year in a row, Gone wants to take your Halloween costumes off your hands and give you $12 USD cash for them.

We’ll donate your costume to charity, and give you hard cash to help line your wallet again. ┬áSend in your costume between November 1st and November 30th by using our app or our SMS service (415) 980-4663 and we’ll donate your Halloween costume for you. You’ll receive $12 which you can cash out instantly.

halloween costume

So go crazy with creativity on your Halloween costume this year and then let Gone help you recycle it!



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