Gone! 2.0 includes “Past Purchases”, an exciting new feature

The new version of the app makes selling your items even easier and faster


After only four months of going online, the Gone! app is ready to be refreshed and re-launched.  The 2.0 version’s most interesting new feature, is what has been named “Past Purchases”.

The whole idea behind the app, which got it running in the first place, is to make selling used items that are lying around at home, easy and available for everyone.  Gone! aims to make people aware of the thousands of dollars worth of stuff they own, and never got around to selling.  With the newest feature, products that are bought online will be tracked and ready to sell at any time and place. [tal vez una cita o declaración de alguien vendría bien].


What is Past Purchases about?

The user’s Gone! account will be connected to his or her accounts for online shopping, be it Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, etc. [¿hay una lista completa?  estaría bueno reemplazar el etc. por todas las cuentas que se sincronizan].  Any time a purchase is made by the user in any of these places, Gone! will instantly take note of it and keep a record of the date, how much it cost, and what is the market value of the product.  In other words, all the details needed for a future sale will be carefully kept by the app.


A reminder will be sent periodically, for the user to remember about the product he or she bought.  This way, whenever he or she decides it’s time to get rid of it, all it takes is letting Gone! know, so the app can sell it and take care of everything.   This new version has a better register and makes collecting products and cashing the money for the sale much smoother for both ends of the transaction.
This new version will be available and ready to go starting XX.  With this new step, the app provides an easier and more complete experience for Gone! users.  For news, comments, and recommendations, follow @thegoneapp on Twitter and Facebook, or visit them at www.thegoneapp.com.

Jenny at Gone

Jenny is Communications Director at Gone! follow her on twitter at @jennifertch

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