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8 Declutter Life Hacks to Simplify Your World

When you declutter your home you can not only save space, but also declutter your mind. Stress and clutter are strictly correlated and too much stuff can weigh you down. The key to decluttering is starting small and implementing easy daily routines that will help you change your perception about things and eliminate clutter over time. Choose one area of your life or home you wish to declutter and get to work with one of these simple declutter life hacks.

The 30-Day Rule

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Do you have trouble with impulse buying? Then try the 30-day rule. Take a piece of paper and write “30-Day List”. Then, each time you want to buy something new, write the item down on your list with the date. After 30 days, if you still want to buy that item, then you can buy it. This is an excellent way to help you distinguish between wants and needs and cut down on impulse purchases. (source: zenhabits.net)

Reverse Hanger Trick


Oprah Winfrey is credited for popularizing this life hack. If you find it difficult to get rid of clothing that you never wear, try the reverse hanger trick. Take all of your clothing on hangers and put the hangers on the bar backwards, so the open end of the hanger faces you. Every time you wear a piece, put it back on the hanger the correct way – opening away from you. After a few months, you’ll be able to see quickly which clothing items you haven’t touched at all, and you can take them out to sell or donate.  (source: oprah.com)

3 Tasks Limit

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To-do lists can be overwhelming. Instead of creating a long list of tasks, pick just three important tasks for the day. Limit yourself so you can focus on completing these three tasks, and you’ll eliminate that overwhelming feeling and instead feel accomplished. (source: zenhabits.net)

One Touch Rule


This is an easy way to keep your mail from stacking up on the counter or in your desk drawer. Whenever you bring in the mail, deal with it that day. Designate space in your home where you can keep a recycling bin and pack of blank envelopes ready to use. Go to that place and pay the bill, answer the note, or recycle the junk mail. The mail you receive each day should only be “touched once” so you can spend time on more important things. (source: kidspot.com.au)

Eat Only 7 Things



Decluttering your life can also apply to your diet. Simplify what goes into your body by eating from the following seven food groups: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts, good fats, lean protein and lean calcium foods. Avoid packaged goods and you’ll not only simplify mealtime prep and planning, but you’ll also feel better. (source: zenhabits.net)

Read the Numbers


Most beauty products, especially makeup, goes bad after six months. However, we tend to keep beauty products lying around way past their expiration dates. Make it a routine to check your beauty products and read the numbers – whether it’s the manufacturer’s code or use-by date on the bottom of the packaging. Most bottles have a manufacturer’s code, and the last number indicates the year it was made. (source: oprah.com)

One In, Two Out

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The “one in, two out” life hack works like this: each time you want to bring something new into your home, you must get rid of two things. The standard rule is actually “one in, one out”, but if you really want to cut down on clutter, try getting rid of two things instead. (source: zenhabits.net)

3 Box Rule

boxIf you’re moving, or just decluttering a room, bookcase, or junk drawer, use three boxes to sort quickly through your items. Label your boxes “Trash”, “Donate”, and “Maybe”. The “Maybe” box is for items you’re not sure about and want to hold onto and decide later. Repeat the process every few months and decluttering will become a quick and easy routine. (source: zenhabits.net)

Do you have any declutter life hacks? Share them in the comments and declutter your space with Gone.


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