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Decluttering 101: How Can I Decide what to Get Rid of?

Spring cleaning isn’t just for April and May; every quarter you should take some time to get rid of unused stuff to get the fresh, organized feeling that makes you a more productive person. The hardest part is deciding what to get rid of — especially if you have a lot in storage. You always think there might be one day when you need (insert unnecessary item here)! Here are a few tips on how to declutter your space and make a less chaotic home.


When it comes to technology in your home, use the three month rule: If you have not used the technology item in the last three months, get rid of it! If you go through junk drawers in your house, you’ll probably notice excess items such as:

  • Computer mouse
  • Cell phones
  • Cables/cords
  • Old iPods/music players

They are taking up space, so get rid of them. Some of them you can even sell and make some extra cash.


Most of us have clothes that range from our “skinny clothes” to our “fat clothes” and somewhere in between. With clothing, you can hang on to more since seasons change as do our bodies. Use the one year rule: If you have not worn the item at all in the past year, you are not going to wear it in the next year (obviously there are exclusions such as wedding dresses, etc.). You can have a clothing swap with friends, take your clothes to a consignment shop, or donate them to Goodwill.


First off, any furniture that is broken, get rid of it. Especially if you’ve been saying “I’ll get that fixed” and haven’t in over six months, it’s just taking up space. There are organizations that will come to your house and pick up old furniture, so find one in your area.

Second, go through each room and ask yourself “how many pieces of furniture do I really need in here?” Most of us don’t need seating for 10, so if you have four couches or too many chairs pushed together, start getting rid of them.

Third, anything that has been in the attic or in storage for over one year that is not sentimental, donate, sell, or trash it.


Decorations can be difficult to declutter since they are very seasonal, so it’s best to declutter while you are decorating. For Halloween this year, once you get all those scary decorations up, see which fake spiders and cobwebs you don’t use and get rid of them — you won’t use them next year either.

For non-seasonal decorations, use the 1 year rule: Anything not used in the past year, get rid of it!


We all have an abundance of old mail, important papers, etc. in our houses, but we can get rid of so much. To do this, get two boxes and label them KEEP and TRASH. Go through all papers (magazines, newspapers, etc.) and anything legally important or sentimental, put in the KEEP box. Anything else put in TRASH. If you are tossing a lot of confidential papers, buy a shredder online to get rid of those.

It’s important to clear your home in order to have less chaos around you. Getting rid of unwanted and unused items will make you feel more organized and put together, which will help you get other things done. Plus, you can make some extra money selling items or help someone in need by donating.

When you’re ready to declutter and sell your unwanted household items, use the Gone app or send a text to this number to start selling your things (415) 980-4663.

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