Customer Focused: How Gone! Finds Success by Putting Happiness First

Our friends at HelpShift, who help us seamlessly handle user support cases, are talking about Gone!, and we wanted to share the article with our users:

July 16, 2014 Look around when you get home–the average household has a lot of unused items. Retailers and apps have made it incredibly easy to buy things, but it’s always a huge ordeal to unload them later on. The makers of Gone! saw a solution: using marketplace data, their mobile app lists, provides the packaging, and delivers your old items to others in exchange for a fair check in the mail. The app even arranges a tax write-off for items you’d rather donate. Selling suddenly becomes as simple as buying. Featured in TechCrunch, Gone! has seen a great amount of success bringing resale into mobile. Part of their winning strategy is to ensure that each customer receives personalized on-demand customer service. Nicolás Bayerque–CEO of Gone!–spoke with us about how Helpshift allows his customers to benefit from a mobile-first tailored experience. Why did you decide to move away from an email-based customer support solution for ‘Gone!’? Though some of the other solutions are capable, we chose Helpshift because you provided a better experience and integration on the mobile end. Compatibility is very important for us as a mobile app. Plus we need to see the whole user story when addressing an issue, and emails don’t really provide that upfront. We use our own data system, but Helpshift quickly aggregated all our customer support metrics in one place. How has Helpshift’s features helped your users get rid of their stuff? Helpshift has been performing great in our support area. We’re happy to tear apart our backlog with you. Since we’re easily able to track a user’s whole resale story, our agents are able to resolve situations more efficiently. Our support specialists are also thankful to have a chat tool that lays out the anonymous hardware data we need in order to help. Customer satisfaction is a core process within our company. Why do you think in-app chat is important for a mobile startup? Communication within the app is great for dynamic situations. But the reason why we like Helpshift is the easy SDK integration and mobile orientation. It has been tailored from the very beginning to fit mobile customers. That’s important for us because we don’t have to go through crazy changes to onboard the in-app system. It defeats the purpose if a solution makes things more difficult. We wanted a mobile solution so that it could already be adapted to us. Do you have any great customer service stories or metrics to share? We have a great deal of customer success stories. Interestingly, a big percentage of our users used Helpshift to thank us for our service, especially once they receive their checks. The user knows that there’s someone on the other end and use it as an instant channel to get in touch with the company. We also use the chat for great last-minute pickup rescheduling and other modifications to a resale order. Mobile communication helps us provide a great deal of flexibility. The positive effect of being more available to customers is there. How important is great customer support for your startup? Very. When you’re offering a new service like ours, there is a lot of explaining to do. It’s not like when you’re replicating something that already exists–there’s a great deal of explanation on how users can benefit from a groundbreaking app. That’s what our support specialists do with Helpshift. Investing in support practices are key when building an app because a user can really understand the features if support is done well. A great user experience is directly tied with the customer support experience in that way. And a great experience is what we provide with Gone!. For more info about HelpShift’s mobile CRM solution, visit

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