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All great companies start with a simple idea, a dream perhaps, that at some point became as real as it gets.  A strong commitment to achieve goals and make the business possible, together with a whole lot of sweat, are necessary for it to work.  But these elements are just part of the deal.  Another share of the equation, equally important, is thoughtful planning and developing strategies.  You can run until your soles wear off, but without a proper direction you won’t get very far.  Or maybe you will, but you surely won’t have a clue of where you are standing.

If you’ve started your own business, then you know what we are talking about. Commerce Innovated is here to provide and help emerging companies devise a proper strategy to head in the best direction, through the best way.  That’s why they are a Startup Accelerator; they are here to make the ride smoother, clearer and faster.

At the basis of Commerce Innovated are three simple steps, aiming to success:

  1. Understand: they will sit down with you and learn all about your business.
  2. Customize: they will adapt their program to the particular needs of your startup.
  3. Connect: the synapsis of the program. Everything that needs to be done for your company to get going.

Behind the initiative are the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and MasterCard.  Both companies are fully attached to growing as startup funders and supporters.  They hope to enhance the future for developers and technology communities, helping them to grow and build serious, successful companies.

The program is based in the Bay Area, but it strongly believes and encourages virtual business relationships globally.  With the help of mentors and the proper organization, each startup reached by the program has nowhere to go but up.

Now you know: if you are a technology startup in an early stage of progress, just apply to be part of the program, and increase your chances of great success.  For more information on how and when to apply, just head on to their homepage, and learn about what you can get out of it.

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