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Unlock Extra Cash With Gone Promo & Referral Codes

Ready to make even more cash from the items you sell with Gone? Now you can redeem Promo Codes within the app! We’ll offer promo codes on special occasions, so keep an eye out for them in your email!

In the meantime, you can make even more cash when you invite friends to use Gone by sharing your unique Referral Code. For each friend you invite with your code, you’ll receive $10 credit to put towards your next box once they’ve sent off their first Gone box. The more friends that you share your code with, the more credit you’ll receive! 

To Invite Friends:



What’s The Inspection Process?

When Gone users send us their Gone boxes, it passes through an inspection process where our team examines the condition and quality levels of the devices. Once a box passes inspection, Gone continues with the selling process to find a buyer and close a sale. So once your friend’s first box reaches Gone’s inspection process, you’ll receive $10 credit!


Load Your Codes To Get Them Redeemed! ?

So you have your referral code or a new promo code. Now what?

Tap Settings ? Click Promotions ? Enter A Code

Add in your latest code, and if you’ve loaded any previous codes, you’ll also find them listed here, so you’ll never misplace them!

Before confirming your next Gone box’s shipment, you will be presented with a list of your redeemable codes. Choose one to redeem and add its value to your Gone box. All promo codes can be redeemed together. The same goes for all referral codes. ?   

And don’t worry, if you redeemed a code and the code expires before your items are sold, it will still be valid and credited once your sale goes through. ? 


We hope you enjoy the extra cash and clutter-free lifestyle thanks to The Gone App.  

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2015 Year-end Roundup

Gone at a Glance: 2015 Year-End Roundup


Gone is part of a vision that extends beyond on-demand selling and our upcoming electronics marketplace. It is the first step towards creating a seamless way to extend the lifetime value of goods and giving consumers more cash in their pockets.

Our frictionless execution of pickups, shipping, payment processing, and ability to unlock the ultimate price/value relationship for our users has accelerated Gone as a leader in the on demand selling space. Here are the highlights from a successful 2015 and a sneak peek at what’s next for Gone! (more…)

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5 Reasons Why the Holiday Season is the Best Time to Declutter Your Home

The holiday season is the perfect time to declutter and get organized. With gift-giving in full swing, it’s a good time to implement “out with the old and in with the new”. The Gone app is the perfect solution to get rid of the items you no longer use and decluttering can help keep your home tidy for the holiday get-togethers and keep some of the holiday-induced stress at bay. Here are a few other reasons why the holiday season is the best time to declutter your home and some tips on how to do so.


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3 Predictions for the Future of the On-Demand Economy

The on-demand economy is growing exponentially, and this growth does not seem to be going anywhere quickly. Today, countless companies are coining themselves as the “Uber of X” and disrupting the way traditional industries operate to make our lives easier, more efficient, and more convenient. The rapid growth of the on-demand sector proves that consumers crave the “instant gratification” lifestyle and the interest in on-demand services shows no signs of slowing down.


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Upgrade your electronics

Upgrade Your Electronics Without Breaking the Bank

It is no secret that we live in an era defined by technology.  Whether it is the latest app for your smartphone or latest software for your computer, you want it because it will make your life easier.  However, the problem with living in an era where technology advances so rapidly is that your devices may struggle to keep up with the latest trends, This may even apply to one-year-old models.  Now, you are probably thinking you don’t want to wait in line for the new iPhone, but why not?  The common sentiment is, “I’ll wait for the price to drop, and then I’ll buy one.”  


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