6 Tips to Getting the Best Deals on Electronics this Holiday Season

It’s holiday shopping time! With Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the holiday season right around the corner, it’s time to start planning how to get the best deals on all things tech. Whether you want to treat your friends or family or just upgrade your old electronics to the newest model, you’re going to want to pay attention to the holiday discounts. Since you’re probably overwhelmed by the massive amounts of commercials, pop-ups, ads, and referrals from friends, we’ve simplified the holiday shopping season for you by finding the 6 best tips to getting great deals on all electronics this holiday season.

  1. Compare Prices Using Online Platforms

There are two awesome platforms (among others) that allow you to compare prices and find a great deal on any item you’re looking to buy: InvisibleHand and Flubit. Using either of these platforms, you can compare thousands of sites at once, and find a discounted offer on whatever item you’re buying. So even if you save a few dollars here and there, it’s definitely worth it considering how easy these tools are to use!

lower prices

2. Do Your Reading

If you want to get the latest electronic and an awesome deal on it, you’re going to have to do your research. You should make sure to thoroughly read good and bad reviews on: the item value, the seller, the retailer, conditions, and really anything else you can get your hands on. The last thing you want is to score an awesome deal on a new phone and realize it has serious malfunctions.

  1. Check Official Sites and Third-Party Retailers

While during most of the year third-party retailers have the best deals on electronics, sometimes the official sites give the greatest deal of all on their own electronics. For example, this year Apple Retailers are offering a huge deal for students: $200 savings on a new Mac.


Sometimes third-party retailers have great promotions, but always compare what the retailer itself is giving away first to grab the best savings.

  1. Be Careful with Bundles

Does the ad say that you save 20% if you purchase the computer, extra charger, and computer case all together? That might not be exactly accurate. If you’re going to buy accessories in a bundled deal, be sure to look up the individual price of each item on your own to ensure it’s actually a good deal. You may end spending more on something you don’t even really need.

  1. Turn on Alerts

Just like with airfare alerts, you can set up alerts on all things tech through Amazon.


If something you wanted is sold out or it’s coming out sometime in the next week, be the first to buy by setting up an alert. While alerts aren’t available on every single item, those that are available will give you a running start this holiday season.

  1. Gone

Or stay tuned, Gone is working with a new massive solution to be launched soon in early 2016 where Gone algorithmically will finds the best buying bargain for what you want. If interested to learn more email us

Be sure to watch social media pages and read technology news, as you’ll be able to follow the deals as well. Good luck shopping!




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