And Now It’s Gone!: How One Woman Missed a $200,000 Payday


After today, you’re going to tell everyone you know about the Gone! app. You won’t do so simply because we offer a most convenient way to get rid of your stuff, but you’ll also spread the word about Gone! to stop your loved ones from making a costly mistake. Had one Bay Area woman had a friend like you, she might be $200,000 richer today.

The Backstory

While cleaning her garage, a woman discovered an old computer which belonged to her late husband. We can’t imagine that parting with his belongings was easy, but this brave woman ventured to do so as responsibly as she knew how– by hauling the computer off to a local e-cycling business. Determined to make a clean break of it all, she even refused a tax-deductible receipt before leaving.

Her story doesn’t end there, unfortunately. Clean Bay Area, the business where she deposited the old computer, was a little slow in sorting through their donations and didn’t immediately realize their huge score. See, what the woman actually donated was a vintage Apple I computer. Vintage as in one of only 200 made in the 1970s by Apple’s original founders Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald G. Wayne. Clean Bay Area has since sold the donated computer to a collector for a whopping $200,000 and is now trying to locate the original donor in order to split the proceeds with her.

The Gone! App Makes a Difference

We’d be celebrating a much happier story if only this poor woman had known about the Gone! app. For one thing, our app determines the saleability of an item BEFORE it is sent to us. This way, there’s no guesswork as to whether or not a seller’s used items have any value.

Also, before selling a person’s items, we use a special pricing algorithm to extend an offer. Had she been using the Gone! app, this woman would have been able to decide whether or not she wanted to accept a price offer or not. Certainly she would have discovered by this point that the computer was of enormous value.

We also remain in close contact with every Gone! user. That the business who received her donation doesn’t know how to get in touch with her now is probably the most regretful part of this story. With the Gone! app, sellers not only know how to reach us, but we know how to reach each one of you, as well. Your contact information is always close at hand and should we need to send you $200,000 for a vintage Apple computer, we have no difficulties locating you to do so.

In fact, for an item like this, we could have even sent someone to this woman’s home to pick the computer up from her. At the very least, we would have sent her the materials necessary to ship her beloved’s treasure to us. Not only would these methods have saved her time and trouble, but both would have ensured that contact and communication pathways were wide open and accessible to all parties.

As it stands now, Clean Bay Area is hoping that the woman happens to see this story somewhere and that she contacts them so that they can give her half of the money profited by the sale. They seem like nice guys and we share in their hope for the same.

It’s Your Turn to Share

Go ahead and share this post with everyone you know, including your social networks. Not only does this story need to circulate so that the original owner can be found, but we all need to educate our loved ones on the risks inherent in donating used stuff without downloading the Gone! app first.

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