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Announcing Our Acquisition of Yardsale Inc. & FOBO

Today we are excited to announce we’ve taken another big step forward in our mission to provide the ultimate selling experience with the acquisition of former consumer electronics marketplace, Yardsale Inc., as well as its online listing and selling platform, FOBO.  

Yardsale participated in the Y-Combinator accelerator in 2011, initially focusing on its elegant classifieds app, built for iPhone. The Yardsale team then launched FOBO in early 2014, yielding them a $1MM run rate within two months and a seed financing of more than $2.5MM from a group of notable Bay Area investors.

This acquisition of the Yardsale Inc. and FOBO technologies will significantly strengthen Gone’s foothold in the on-demand selling services space. We have long been inspired by our shared mission with Yardsale Inc. to provide an innovative new way to sell consumer electronics, and we are thrilled to work alongside the Yardsale Inc. and FOBO team to achieve this mission.

Since the launch of Gone, we have experienced incredible growth, and our first acquisition brings another major growth milestone, so we want to thank you for supporting us along the way! With the addition of the FOBO and Yardsale products, we plan to bring back the FOBO marketplace, backed by our own technology and logistics, to provide the ultimate selling experience in the second­hand electronics market.

Stay tuned for future updates on the Gone blog, Facebook and Twitter.

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