5 Ways to Fix A Slow Computer

Fix It or Sell It?

A slow computer is a very common problem.  To date, there are many common solutions such as defragmenting your drive to unused uninstalling programs to help increase the speed of a computer.  However, there are a few uncommon ways you can get your computer moving from a tortoise’s pace. Beyond the usual steps like defragmenting your disk, deleting unnecessary applications, emptying the trash, and checking for software updates, here are a few more in-depth approaches.

5 Ways to Fix A Slow Computer

  1. Install a Solid State Drive. It won’t be cheap but it will add some speed.
  2. Increase Hard Drive Storage.
  3. Increase RAM.
  4. Assign a Static IP Address to your computer via the Network Sharing Center.
  5. Reduce the number of applications that launch when you start up your computer.
  6. Move files off your desktop, into document folders

3 Questions That Will Help You Decide Whether You Sell Your Computer

  1. Did any of the solutions above or the many other available increase your speed?
  2. Can you perform the upgrades that will help increase your computer’s speed?
  3. Is it worth the time and money?
  4. If your computer needs to be professionally repaired, is the costs greater than just buying a new one?

Some issues that cause your computer or laptop to run slow may be deeper and more complex than you are able to handle. Factor in the amount of time that it takes to fix it as part of the equation when you consider whether a computer should stick around, or be gone.

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